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DJ Hear No Evil (HNE) is the first ever Hard of Hearing DJ to break barriers continuously taking the music industry storm. He recently won few DJ battles (Scratch and Party Rocking). As a product of Mt. Vernon, NY, the city responsible for hip hop moguls such as Doug E Fresh and Heavy D, music has always been a pivotal focus throughout his life.


With a Bachelor of Science in Media Marketing/Accounting from Rochester Institute of Technology and Master Certifications in DJ and Production from Scratch DJ Academy, HNE makes it clear that his credentials are on point across the board.


At young age, he experienced a setback that only contributed to his success. Diagnosed as completely deaf in his left ear and partially hearing in his right ear, HNE was determined to feel and play music like the BEST of them, modeling his craft after icons such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri and DJ Scratch to name of few.


His work is dedicated to two of his biggest supporters celebrating his success from up above his late father, DJ L.A. and best friend, Christopher Alexander Rucker-Ridley.

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